dream in style in the castle series of mattresses from attica

hypnos castle series

Introducing the Castle Series.

When you’ve been creating the most comfortable beds in the world for over a century, introducing something new is sure to get people’s attention. That’s what they’ve done at Hypnos with our new line of beds - the Castle Series. Hypnos has combined the best of old world detail and craftsmanship with new world innovation to create a series of beds that offer you a healthy and natural sleeping environment.

Sleep comes naturally.

The Castle Series features three new mattresses: The Helmsley, Carlisle and Sherbourne. Each is manufactured using only the finest natural materials and fibres. Our fills are made from unique blends of cotton, wool and silk – made to breathe, stay clean and provide you with a healthy, eco-friendly sleep environment. By not using chemicals or foam, you can rest assured you are not breathing any off-gasses or absorbing harmful chemicals.

Feel rested.

Our Castle Series beds are well designed and manufactured offering you a sound sleep, night after night, year after year. The only thing you’ll ever feel sleeping on one of our beds, is well rested. In fact, we’re confident you’ll enjoy one of the finest sleeps of your life.

Comparing brands.

When you compare other brands with Hypnos, it’s important to find out the details. Our beds are manufactured using natural fbres that are comfortable, absorbent and breathable. We don’t use chemicals nor do we use petroleum foam. Nature has always been our inspiration for creating a pure experience that will help you sleep the way you were meant to.

When you compare other machine made brands with the Castle Series, feature for feature, you will not find a better value anywhere.

availability : 8-10 weeks
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