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Okay, we’ll let you in on a little secret. If you ever visit one of the Younger family’s homes, you’ll find the Grace sectional sitting pretty in the great room. It’s not that they love their other creations any less, it’s just that this is just an unbelievably comfortable piece, the kind you sit “in” rather than “on.” And if you really want to feel like your resting on a cloud, you simply must check out the Feather & Down cushion options. But, really, it’s not just them that can’t bear to live without grace; this is their most popular sectional and, other than the wonderful comfort, it could be that, with all the options they offer, this sectional can work great in just about anyone’s home.

Visit us in-store to see a range of fabric and leather options. Other configurations are available.

size: 107” x 65”




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