Loll Designs came into being in 1997 when a Minnesota-based municipal skate park designer/builder, TrueRide, designed, built, and installed more than 450 custom skateboard parks in cities across the U.S. and abroad. TrueRide’s founders, fueled by an inherent concern for the environment, led them to seek a use for the recyclable materials in their skate park projects. In 2003 Loll Designs was conceived as a way to repurpose excess skate ramp material into outdoor furniture. The iconic Adirondack chair was a natural place to start and it was launched in 2006.

With a focus on modern design and doing the right thing, Loll Designs forged ahead creating hundreds of products. Unique recycled materials and sustainable business practices all coalesce to make innovative, functional, and thoughtful products made in the USA and distributed worldwide.

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