Design Services

From a simple consultation in-store to a complete room makeover and everything in between, Attica offers a full array of design services to help bring your residential or commercial space to life.

colour consultation

Colour is the single most important visible element of any design. It has the power to create mood, attract or detract attention, expand or contract space. With so many factors at play and so many colours to choose from, the task of choosing a colour scheme can be daunting. We can help identify your particular needs and find a colour plan that is a perfect match for your home or office. Included:

  • Visit to your home or office
  • Consultation to determine particular needs
  • Hard copy of paint and wallpaper swatches and details of scheme
  • fee: $85/hour for junior designer; senior designer: $125/hour

decorating consultation

Whether you are looking for help with everything from paint and finishes to space planning to lighting, furniture, and accessory selection or simply need a fresh set of eyes and a little reassurance, one our decorating specialists are there for you.

  • in-store: with access to hundreds of suppliers and resources for furniture, fabric, lighting, rugs and accessories, a knowledgeable Attica associate can help you put together a cohesive decorating scheme whether you are starting from scratch or simply need that one statement accessory to bring it all together.
  • in-store consultation fee: free of charge
  • drop in or set up an appointment for longer one-on-one consultation
  • on-site: one of our decorating specialists will consult with you in your space to determine what you need to help you make your design dreams a reality. We will then provide you with a storyboard, or visual representation of our ideas and a written proposal containing all the details
  • on-site consultation fee: $85-$125/hour

home staging/styling

In today’s competitive market staging is becoming increasingly popular. If your home is on the market and isn’t staged, it is immediately at a disadvantage. Staging is not about personal style or décor; it’s about enhancing your properties best features and creating the natural flow that attracts buyers.

home staging consultation: involves a complete walk-through detailing areas that may need staging, highlighting problem areas, and making suggestions to the homeowner on how to stage their home to show it’s best assets. All comments and suggestions will be clearly detailed in an itemized staging report. Homeowners can use this handy checklist to work through the recommended changes before their next open house or potential buyer viewing.

home staging consultation fee: $85 - $125 hour

physical home staging: following the recommendations in the staging report we will do the work for you. Clutter elimination, paint, lighting, and furniture layout are some of the areas that can be handled. These services may involve one room or the entire home.

physical home staging fee: $ project basis