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Footstool Option

Air has a classic design that makes it fit in many different homes, without taking over the room. It is one of our most popular armchairs, with a shape and quality that will stand the test of time, trends and everyday use. The footstool is a natural companion – and you put the final design touches yourself through your choices of upholstery and foot.

Syncro Backup in the back gives you a comfortable and ergonomically correct sitting position at all times.

  • UPHOLSTERY Sheepskin, Leather or Fabric.
  • BASE Surface veneer oak (lacquered), oak (black stain lacquered), walnut (lacquered) or full upholstered.
  • LEGS/FOOT Swivel chair with return memory in molded aluminum, wood/molded aluminum, wood or disc foot (full upholstered). The wood options are in oak (lacquered), oak (black stain lacquered) or walnut (lacquered). The swivel chair with molded aluminum and wood/molded aluminum is possible to get in an extra high seat version (+3,5 cm). Footstool in the same options with fixed x-foot.
  • FUNCTION Swivel chair with Syncro Backup gives you an ergonomically correct rest in all positions. The function consists of three cooperating parts. The lower part of the back, the upper part of the back and the head rest.

See in-store for more fabric & leather options.

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