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Apian Extendable

Apian Extendable

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The Apian table is a prime example of a design philosophy that prioritizes architectural elegance and is crafted with great attention to detail, using carefully processed materials. Its design exudes a sense of airiness, drawing inspiration from the sheet metal bent into a semi-cylindrical shape that gently slants upwards, forming a distinct base for the manually-extendable top.

Available with either a single side leave or two, Apian can be pulled out to reach a total length of 3 meters.

A delightful feature on the pedestal base is the coating on the double sheet metal, which captures and reflects light, illuminating an area that would otherwise remain in shadow. Apian is a unique piece that can instantly transform an interior design project.

Made in Italy. The Apian table series is available in a wide range of sizes and finishes. Price subject to change based on finish. Explore all of the possibilities! See us in-store for more options.

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