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Phillips Collection

Blue Marlin Fish Wall Sculpture

Blue Marlin Fish Wall Sculpture

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The Blue Marlin Maroon Wall Sculpture is made of composite in a copper patina finish. This likeness of the seafaring creature is a chameleon of style—hang it in a dapper den and it takes on serious panache; place it in a child’s bedroom and it will become a playful element in the space. Whether you have a lakefront home, a beachfront condo, or an urban oasis, the Blue Marlin Maroon Wall Sculpture with its textural patina will bring the watery world inside. Powerful on its own, group this sculpture in multiples to create a school of fish for added impact. 
Each piece varies slightly in color and pattern due to the hand-applied, acid finish.

Size 70x6x21"H

Floor stock, only 1 available as-is.

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