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Umage: Vita Copenhagen

Clava Wood Pendant

Clava Wood Pendant

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The Clava Wood lampshade is made from laser-cut wooden lamellas, creating beautiful rays of light on the walls of the surrounding space. The wooden details add a sophisticated touch of nature to the design and your home, while the organic shape will make the lampshade stand out as a sculptural piece.

The simplistic lines of the wooden lamellas make Clava Wood suitable for many environments and rooms and elevate the dining table as well as a hallway or bedroom ceiling. The lampshade is also an ideal complement to the Santé floor light stand. When combined, they make a great floor lamp that can be placed by your sofa or in any corner of your home that needs a little extra lighting.

The simple yet bold expression of the lampshade, as well as the sophisticated details of the wood, will make the Clava Wood stand out in hotel lobbies, restaurants and cafés as well.

Ø: 38 cm x H: 39 cm

Includes 5'5" long black canopy.

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