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Tessellate Jut

Tessellate Jut

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The many planter options of Tessellate can help to define a space, add unique lines, and of course, a pop of colour. Tessellate arrangements make a design statement, creating  a modular and expandable planter system. This collection features four styles of varying heights and widths, giving you the creative license to play with shape and color and create your very own geometric pattern or Tessellate.

With false bottoms on the Tesselate Squares and Rectangles, these planters allow you to customize the planting height, choosing either the full depth for deeper rooted trees and shrubs, or half the depth for more shallow rooted plants.

Please note, our planters are designed for outdoor use and are not sealed allowing water to drain. Additional water drainage can be added by drilling holes in the planter bottoms.

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